Underwater working machines

Underwater working machines

Use DNV GL to reduce complexity and master the challenge of underwater work.

Underwater working machines with different levels of autonomy are used for a wide field of applications. Retaining full control and ensuring a high level of safety avoids damages, loss and downtime.

At DNV GL, you benefit from our deep knowledge and years of experience in the field of underwater working machines used for construction work, maintenance, drilling, deep sea mining, tunnelling, salvage or research.

This has resulted in our own set of rules for the construction and safe operation of underwater machinery. You can firmly rely on these rules as a recognised and proven standard.

Our services in this field:

  • Classification of underwater working machines and components according to our recognised rules
  • Assessment of compliance with further international standards
  • Constructional supervision, inspection and testing
  • Expert guidance on safety and compliance matters
  • Risk assessments
  • Engineering support in terms of design, calculation and manufacturing
  • Advisory services on the environmental consequences of underwater projects

Use DNV GL to ensure all the advantages of safe and reliable underwater working machines:

  • Trust and confidence of your customers due to highly secure machines and systems
  • Increased project success due to reduced downtimes caused by malfunction or loss of equipment
  • Dedicated, experienced experts on hand providing customised support of your project


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