Electrical components and systems

Electrical Components Systems

Safeguard your ships by ensuring safe and reliable electrical systems

Electrical systems are essential for safety in shipping. That’s why all important systems and their components require approval when a ship is classified according to DNV GL rules.

DNV GL certification is based on our internationally recognised rules. Our services consist of the approval of electrical systems as well as product certification and type approval for electrical components.

Electrical systems and equipment we approve include:

  • Electrical machines (motors, generators etc.)
  • Main, emergency and distribution switchboards
  • Power management systems
  • Transformers and semi-conductor converters
  • Power electronics
  • Cables and insulated wires
  • Protective devices
  • Measurement and control devices
  • Compounds

The approval process comprises:

  • Approval of design documentation
  • Certification of related equipment
  • A survey after installation on board

To aid your certification process, our technical experts provide you with a list of all the information needed for the certification of your product or system.

Your DNV GL certification assures:

  • Trust and confidence from your customers as your products comply with the high quality and safety standards of DNV GL
  • Smooth approval and certification processes that save time and effort
  • Ongoing support from our experienced electrical systems and components experts


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