Certification of test centres

Certification of test centres

We verify whether the certification of persons is performed objectively in compliance with DNVGL-ST-0032 Test Centre for Certification of Personnel.

How can you prove to the industry and administrations that certificates of competence you issue, e.g. to dynamic positioning operators, are based on impartial performance assessments and aligned with industry standards?

To ensure that assessment of individuals is carried out in a transparent and impartial manner we have developed a standard that focuses on the organisation and performance of independent test centres, not linked to training organisations or shipowners.

This independent position allows for the assessment of an individual purely based on someone’s demonstrated competence. The assessments meet industry expectations as defined in regulations (e.g. STCW), agreed in industry standards (e.g. IMO Model Courses, IMCA documents) or by other parties.

The DNVGL-ST-0032 for Test Centre for Certification of Personnel standard addresses all the relevant issues in the support of a controlled management of exams and certificates. It applies to any organisation issuing certificates of competence to individuals. Certification guarantees that the assessments and grading of examinations are based on clearly defined competence criteria, aligned with the applicable performance standard.

A DNV GL Test Centre Certificate is valid for a full five years.

With the DNV GL Test Centre Certificate, you can:

  • Demonstrate quality, professionalism, impartiality and integrity of your organisation
  • Demonstrate that your assessments and outcomes reflect the competence criteria and needs of the industry
  • Improve your reputation
  • Increase your market recognition
  • Stand out from non-certified institutions
  • Improve your relations with authorities and the industry


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